CCTV Pipe & Drain Inspections in Melbourne, Gisborne, Castlemaine and Geelong

CCTV Pipe & Drain Inspections in Melbourne, Gisborne, Castlemaine and Geelong

At Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services, we offer CCTV pipe and drain inspections to customers who have a blocked sewer or drain. By using our advanced CCTV equipment, we’re able to establish a more accurate representation of the problem at hand and in turn, we’re able to provide a better solution that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

When you contact our team to solve your blocked or cracked pipe or drain, our CCTV drain cameras will clearly locate any breakages within the pipes, allowing us to clearly identify any tree roots, fat build up or items that may have been flushed down the drain.

Our advanced CCTV drain cameras, together with our specialised camera head locating devices, can precisely locate where the issue is within your blocked or cracked drain. This locator will not only pinpoint where the blockage is, it will also provide us with a depth measurement, explaining how far below ground the issue is.

Providing You With A Better, Accurate Solution

Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services proudly offer this state-of-the-art service to all our customers who require assistance with their blocked drains, so that we can locate the cause of the issue quickly. This quality service allows the issue to be quickly rectified, and in turn, saves our customer’s both time and money on guessing where and what is causing the initial issues.

For peace of mind, Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services also offer annual camera inspections of sewer and stormwater drains for a fixed fee. If you require this level of service, one of our professional and experienced plumbers will attend your property at the same time each year to thoroughly inspect your entire sewer and stormwater drains, making sure they are clear and in full working order. If there are any issues arising from the CCTV drain camera inspection, our plumbers will notify you immediately, and provide helpful advice on how to properly rectify the issue.

We Service Both Commercial and Residential Customers

Our experienced plumbers can provide accurate CCTV drain camera inspections to both Melbourne commercial and residential customers. Whether you live locally in Gisborne, Castlemaine, surrounding rural suburbs, or in the Melbourne or Geelong areas, we can promptly detect where the leak or blockage is in your drain and how far below the ground it may be.

Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services can inspect drains as small as 50mm in diameter, and up to 150mm in diameter, and up to 60 metres in length. Furthermore, our team can provide you with a recording of the drain camera inspection, if required.

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