Sewer & Stormwater Renewal & Repair Services

Do you require new drainage or a spot repair of your existing sewer or stormwater drain?



If you require new drainage or a spot repair for your stormwater drain, our experienced Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services team can install new drainage and/or upgrade your existing drainage to your property. Whether you’re experiencing minor or major issues such as; water that won’t drain away quickly, or low spots where the water pools, before eventually being absorbed into the ground, regardless of your issue – our plumbers can help.

Simply call us on 1300 851 660 to arrange a free onsite quote to install, repair or upgrade your stormwater drainage.


In the unfortunate event that you are experiencing sewage seeping up out of the ground due to a broken sewer pipe, Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services can accurately locate exactly where the breakage is for you. Through the use of our advanced CCTV camera equipment, we’re able to pinpoint the exact location of the breakage, and can excavate down to the pipe and repair the damaged section.

For any sewerage concerns you may have, call us today on 1300 851 660 to speak with one of our of experienced plumbers.


At Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services, we can provide mini excavator and bobcat services to all our customers who require new drainage, assistance building retaining walls, creating garden beds, reshaping land or general earthwork needs.

We also use our own excavation equipment for spot repairs of water leaks, together with sewer and stormwater drains. All of our plumbers are fully trained and can operate our excavation machinery, allowing us to work directly with our customers to solve their plumbing problems, without the need for third party contractors.

We Offer Commercial and Residential Excavation Services

Whether you require new drainage, assistance with building retaining walls, or are experiencing a water leak, our team provide an extensive list of excavation services to both residential and commercial customers who are located in Gisborne, Castlemaine, or throughout the surrounding Melbourne or Geelong regions.

Call Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services on 1300 851 660 to discuss your sewer and stormwater issues today or submit an online enquiry using the form below.