Water Leak Detection Services

Water Leak Detection Services throughout Melbourne, Gisborne, Castlemaine, Geelong & Surrounds

Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services have been specialising since 1992 in water leak detection and water seepage investigation services, and can help detect and solve your water leak issues throughout Melbourne, Gisborne, Castlemaine and Geelong.

From domestic properties to industrial factories and water authorities, our team have many years of valuable experience in all aspects of concealed water leaks underground, throughout internal and external walls, and in roof cavities.

If you’ve encountered a water leak and you live in Melbourne, Geelong, Sunbury or surrounds, rely on Prompt Plumbing today to solve your seepage issues, big or small, in a timely manner.

Protecting Your Property From Water Leaks

Water leaks can happen anywhere at anytime. From leaks in hidden pipes behind your bathroom and kitchen walls, to under the ground outside your home, they can be hard to find and if left too long, costly to fix. More often than not, our customers find out they have a water leak the hard way. If you are experiencing high water bills, are noticing damp spots on your walls, have a constant turning water meter or are experiencing foul odours arising from broken sewer or water pipes, call Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services on 1300 851 660 immediately. One of our experienced plumbers can locate and repair your water leak promptly, allowing you to avoid further damage to your home or commercial property.

Finding Hidden Water Leaks Fast to Save You Money

At Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services, we use only the latest technology to identify hidden leaks. This includes acoustic leak detection equipment, thermal imaging cameras, hydrogen gas, digital cameras and advanced CCTV drain cameras. Through the use of our state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, we can accurately locate the leak without any destruction to the area where the leak is present.

We can also locate leaks by inserting hydrogen gas into your irrigation system, to detect the specific area of where water is escaping from the pipe. Once the leak has been located by our team, we’ll ensure it is repaired in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We Service All Areas throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Gisborne and Castlemaine

Whether you live locally in Gisborne, Castlemaine, Geelong or in the Melbourne suburbs, and require our water leak detection services, we can help! Our team are always on the road and can offer cost-effective services in a timely manner, regardless of where you’re located.

When you rely on Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services for all your plumbing needs, you’ll be receiving quality services at a cost-effective price. Our team can provide free quotes upfront, so you’ll know the expected price of our services and won’t be left experiencing any hidden or unsuspected costs.

Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services have trained plumbers that use the following equipment:

Thermal Imaging

The advanced thermal imaging equipment shows an electromagnetic image of your property and is an effective way to help pinpoint the trouble spot of the water leak. Thermal Imaging finds leaks quickly, even those leaks that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This equipment is non-invasive and can be viewed within minutes, without damaging your property.

Acoustic Leak Detection

In circumstances when we know where the general location of the leak is, acoustic leak detection will pinpoint exactly where the leak is in the pipe. The sound sensor on the locator notifies our plumbers where the location of the leak is by sounding out the leak in the pipes using an acoustic sound.

Tracer Gas Detection

Tracer gas detection is used in highly sensitive areas, or where there are buried pipelines on a property. The gas tracer carrying either hydrogen or helium, is injected into the area and if a leak is present, the gas will come to the surface where it is then detected by the gas detector.

If you’re experiencing a water leak, contact Prompt Plumbing and Drainage Services immediately on 1300 851 660 or submit your query using our online form below.